This database provides easy access to a number of resources selected for their relevance to decision-making on public health, health care and health-system policy in the WHO European Region.

It includes select organizations with a mandate to promote the use of research evidence in health policy or in health technology assessment. For each, HEN provides a description of its mission and the type of information offered on its web site or in hard copy. This is accompanied by a selection of the material available (such as publications, databases and expert networks), organized by health topic* as defined by WHO/Europe. Information can be viewed by organization or through the search function, using one of the adjacent tabs above. (Last updated August 2013.)

The WHO/Europe web site offers more information about the work of HEN (

* The WHO health topics used in this database relate to the specific resources listed (e.g. publications, reports) and do not necessarily indicate that the organization has a dedicated mandate in the health topic area itself.