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International inventory of documents on physical activity promotion

Welcome to the international inventory of documents for the promotion of physical activity, compiled within the framework of HEPA Europe, the European network for the promotion of physical activity, in close collaboration with the transport and health programme of the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

The inventory aims at providing Member States with easily accessible information on physical activity promotion and at disseminating existing experiences to support policy developments.

This inventory contains documents on approaches related to the promotion of physical activity available from countries across and outside the WHO European Region. They reflect initiatives undertaken at different administrative levels (national, sub-national or local) and by different sectors involved with the promotion of physical activity, such as health promotion, sport, transport, environment, education.

The policy documents on physical activity promotion previously included in this inventory have been moved to the WHO European database on Nutrition, Obesity and Physical Activity (NOPA). Please go to the NOPA database for up-to-date information on policy documents.

Information can be viewed and searched on a country basis or in a summary table, listing all countries, by clicking one of the tabs above.

More information about the project can be found in the HEPA Europe web site