The overall objective of the WHO Regional Office for Europe in producing the e-atlas for disaster risk is to contribute to the efforts of Member States to improve their preparedness for public health emergencies, the primary focus being on those Member States that are exposed to natural hazards in the eastern part of the Region. The ability to mitigate the impact of disasters on health depends largely on the action taken by the health and health-related sectors to reduce health risks and improve emergency preparedness. Identifying potential disaster areas and evaluating their capacity for response and their vulnerabilities vis-à-vis population and health infrastructure facilitates planning for an effective response to such events should they occur.

WHO developed this e-atlas to encourage ministries of health and other stakeholders within the health community to develop and improve their disaster-management capacities. The e-atlas advocates for resources to improve disaster preparedness in the health sector, provide better baseline information to aid emergency response, and facilitate prioritization of the areas in which activities to minimize the effects of natural hazards should be planned and, thus, provide a springboard to transition and early recovery after an emergency.

Country Emergency Preparedness Programme
WHO Regional Office for Europe